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Gilstrap Drugs is one of the most deeply rooted and thriving family owned businesses in Geneva County. Since its establishment in 1939, Gilstrap Drugs has seen several caring and well known owners.These owners also happened to be some of the most well respected pharmacists in their area.

Roy Gilstrap was the original owner of the business and had a true passion for his pharmacy. Mr. Gilstrap overcame many adversities during his ownership, including World War II. Despite some of these circumstances, he was still able to make his drugstore a successful business.

Between the years of 1970 and 1976 the business changed ownership twice, first to Joe Grimes and then to John Olive. On March 15, 1976 a gentleman by the name of Larry Dyess bought Gilstrap Drugs with a dream of making it, not only a pharmacy, but also a reputable supplier of medical equipment. Mr. Dyess also knew that the business needed a strong foundation of compassion if it were to continue to be successful. He instilled this compassion in all of his employees, because he knew that single factor would change every customer’s experience in the pharmacy to one of caring and involvement. Mr. Dyess owned the business from 1976 until 2000 and many of the good deeds and caring attitudes from his era are still carried on today.

Mr. Dyess’ wife Sara owned the business from 2000 until January, 2007, when she sold it to Michael Booth, the supervising pharmacist at that time. Mr. Booth and his wife Melinda continue to make improvements to the business, while also providing all of the experiences that have brought Gilstrap Drugs success throughout the years.

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